Updates for Dec 5, 2023

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  • Two days LiturgyGeek deep dive: a personal Advent of Code I said I was going to try compiling it on Monday (yesterday), I got it loaded in Visual Studio 2022, had to install a bunch of framework stuff and the laptop ran out of hard drive space, so I gave up on trying to build the C# code in the repo. I am going to use the raw data and build a better application that doesn't require a bunch of Windows/.NET garbage to work. I'm open to suggestions
  • On Nov 28th I wrote up an explainer on UFO Disclosure in Congress and the current state of the UAP Disclosure act. The Hill's Powerful members of Congress are dead-set on killing UFO transparency gives an update on this, looks like the UAPDA may not make it into the NDAA. Stay tuned on this.
  • launched an Android app that interoperates with Apple's iMessage. Blue Bubbles for everyone! 🔵

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