LiturgyGeek Update (3rd Sunday of Advent)

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Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent to all who celebrate!
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Back on 2023-12-03 I wrote LiturgyGeek deep dive: a personal Advent of Code and started working on adding the Roman Catholic Liturgical calendar. Today I started working on the advent startDate and endDate. Here's what I found:

Advent begins on the Sunday closest to November 30th (The Feast Day of St. Andrew), in order to represent this, the LiturgyGeek code uses a MoveableDate type. According to a new AI coding assistant called Cody, this is the data to represent the startDate:
"advent": {
  "startDate": "11/30/Sunday/-1..1",
I made a pull request to confirm this or get it corrected. This AI assistant, Cody, is interesting because it runs the source code of your local project through an instance of Claude AI and can answer questions about your codebase. 

This is great for open source, since it reduces the load on Github Issues and lets people contribute without having to be blocked by other programmers with more context. Now, it's true that you could simply read all the code and fully understand it first, but this kind of limited scope, interactive workflow really encourages more contributions, for better or for worse. Since I'm doing this project for fun, and I have a full-time job and three children, I honestly would probably give up if I wasn't able to make incremental additions like this when I have some free time.

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