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Over on X/Twitter I posted this, promising to personally bring back blogging. Well I meant it. I've been working on this blog application in what precious little free time I have. I built it myself because I've used Wordpress before but don't like it. Around 2012, I started using a static blog generator called Hugo, and my Hugo static website blog lived at for the last 11 years.

The problem with static blog platforms is that they don't allow commenting, or posting from the web, or anything dynamic that has to store state on the server side. Another problem is that my workflow was: write up a markdown file, then run hugo, then copy the compiled html files up to Github, then have Github Pages update the static site after a few minutes. As a result, I almost never blogged. It was tedious.

For the tech stack, I wrote it using Ruby on Rails 7, and for now it is backed by a SQLite database. I can post from the web using the Trix Editor, and I have a basic commenting system but I still need to work out authentication because I just don't trust you guys to post anonymously on my space. Deal with it.

As a gesture of support, if you want to join me in bringing back blogging, start by subscribing to my RSS feed. I won't put ads on the site. The stuff I'll blog about is programming, artificial intelligence, mathematics, physics, metaphysics and philosophy, dank memes, dad memes and whatever else I damn well feel like.

Finally, a note on aesthetics, I chose this font because it's the one Roam uses. Roam has been an indispensable part of my life since around 2020. It's an excellent product and I wanted to make my new old blog have a similar look and feel.

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