Adding comments to the blog

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I am in the process of adding commenting to this blog. 

Starting October 2nd, 2023, after watching Tyler Cowen on David Perell's new show "How I Write", I got inspired to rebuild my blog, and have a database-powered comment system. My goals were:

  1. Be able to post from the web (my hugo blog has no back-end, so I can't post from the web, I have to write markdown and compile the html. Also comments are only possible if I outsource the commenting to or
  2. Post Every Day
  3. Get feedback in the form of comments and likes
  4. Allow people to auth with their Facebook/Google/X/Apple login provider

I've reached goal 1, I can post from the web, and I've even posted from my phone. For goal 2, here's a histogram of the number of days between posts:

post-histogram.png 18.9 KB

I've got up to 4 days between consecutive posts in the worst case, but modally, most posts are within 1 day of their time neighbor.

For 3 and 4, I am working on that right now. I've gotten nerdsniped by this new Webauthn standard and the Passkeys credentials format. I have passkeys-rails added to this app, but I still need to implement the Webauthn flow, which would let iOS and Android users. This has some good demos and documentation. 

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